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nthLink is an app for safe Internet access that works even when content is blocked.

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Communicate with other users securely

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Unlike many VPNs that store often-obsolete address lists in their apps, nthLink’s mobile app can connect to the Internet even when it has been a long time since you last used it.

The nthLink app calculates fresh server addresses based on where you are and the device you are using, enabling you to connect even in locations where many of its addresses are being blocked. It keeps trying until it finds a secure connection for you.

Network health

Our advanced network monitoring system provides comprehensive threat detection and response tools to help identify and mitigate blocking and potential DDoS attacks in real-time.

Additionally, we are able to scale our computing resources as needed to ensure peak performance. This allows us to continually adjust them to maintain optimal levels of operation.

Best-in-class circumvention

nthLink has been designed and developed using cutting-edge technologies:

  • Accesses the internet through a secure tunnel (VPN)
  • Hides your location using automated IP switching
  • Hides where you go online with trusted DNS
  • Hides what you are doing online with traffic masking
  • Encrypts everything using an AEAD 256-bit Chacha2020 IETF Poly 1305 cipher

Trusted partners

Our services are financially supported by the Open Tech Fund, allowing unrestricted access to the Internet for nthLink users.

We collaborate with Google's Jigsaw to develop and maintain our systems. We undergo regular security audits conducted by an independent auditor to ensure that our security measures are up to date and effective.

Read our latest security audit from 2023 (PDF).

Our Promise


Just install, tap the button and you’re online – inside a reliable and secure network.


We do not track your activities and use best data minimization practices for our server infrastructure.


nthLink uses the strongest available encryption standards so your Internet traffic cannot be inspected.

Read more about our security and transparency policies.

Frequently asked questions

Is nthLink free?

Yes, nthLink is free and will remain free thanks to our sponsors and partners in the Internet freedom community. They are:

How does nthLink compare with Tor?

Similar to the Tor network, nthLink allows you to access the Internet in a private and anonymized fashion. Unlike Tor, nthLink traffic does not bounce between many places before getting you where you want to be, which means nthLink can be much faster than Tor. In theory, this also means that nthLink has access to more traffic data than Tor – in practice it makes no difference since nthLink does not track that data. Keep in mind that Tor traffic can be detected and more easily blocked.

How can I download the apps safely?

You can verify your downloads by checking the signature on your file. Head over to our download page to see that.

Which data does nthLink collect?

nthLink collects minimal data necessary to provide reliable service, for example the IP address, type of device, and the operating system. nthLink does not collect any personally identifiable information nor your browsing history.

nthLink is not working for me. What should I do?

First, download the latest version of nthLink from a reliable source; visit our download page for details. If the problem persists, please let us know by submitting a ticket using the feedback form in the app. You can also email us at [email protected].

Is nthLink open source?

nthLink is committed to the open source principle and have made our SDK available to the public. The SDK will help members in the Internet freedom community to develop a fully operational VPN application simply and cost effectively. The SDK can be downloaded here (https://github.com/nthlink/nthlink-outline).

Who is behind nthLink?

We are a group of experienced software and information security engineers. We started nthLink in 2016 to support human rights lawyers who needed to obtain censored information and to express their perspectives to the outside world. Since then we’ve made the service available to the wider public. Our development team are experts in both censorship circumvention technology and service reliability.