Our policies

Data Minimization

Nothing is more important to us than your privacy, security, and safety. We do everything we can to minimize data collection – if we don’t have any valuable data, no one can steal it or force us to give it to them.

Security Audits

nthLink systems regularly undergo security audits by independent digital security organizations against the latest security standards.

All findings have since been addressed and the fixes were in turn verified. Read the full security audit reports (PDF):

2023 nthLink Security Audit (performed by Include Security)
2020 nthLink Security Audit (performed by Cure53)
2019 nthLink Security Audit (performed by Cure53)

Third-party libraries used by nthLink

Transparency Policies

Government Requests for User Data. nthLink will comply with U.S. government requests for data only when compelled by a court order, in accordance with applicable law and our terms of service. We will carefully review each request received for legal sufficiency, and we may reject or require greater specificity for requests that appear overly broad or vague. nthLink will not recognize any requests by foreign governments. We will publish relevant information annually, subject to certain limitations.

So far, nthLink has not received any government requests for user data.

Usage Restrictions. In accordance with U.S. laws, nthLink prohibits users from distributing or downloading copyright-infringed materials, child sex-abuse media, or other illegal content through the nthLink network. nthLink may receive complaints from content owners, law enforcement agencies, or other sources, and we may block connections to or from IP addresses that are involved in such illegal activities.

Open Source

The nthLink client is released under the 3-Clause BSD License (a.k.a. “New BSD License”).  Please email the nthLink support team to request access to the nthLink source code